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Team Purchase Program (TPP)

  • What is the Team Purchase Program (TPP)?
    • The TPP is a program to make our prints available to more racers. We understand that collegiate cyclists in general are not extremely wealthy, and therefore, are hesitant to spend even $10 on a print. This is where the TPP comes in.
  • What are the benefits of the TPP?
    • All members of your team will be able to purchase standard size prints, digital images, and even packages at half price (50% off)! Yes, half price. Oversize prints (12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and posters) are 25% off because these prints cost us a lot to have done (see the table below for details).
  • How does my team become a part of the TPP?
    • The TPP is simple to join. For $100 your team will not only join the TPP and give all your members a great deal on prints, but will also receive two (2) free digital images for public use to use on its web page or for race flyers, etc (this is a $60 value on its own). This is about as much as having 6 or 7 people enter a race! So bring it up at the next meeting if you are a member, or suggest it to your team if you are a captain/president. We can send you an invoice/receipt for the payment. Checks and credit cards are both welcome. Email us for more info on paying.
  • How do I purchase prints under the TPP?
    • Purchase your prints through the standard web interface. PK Photography will then refund you half of the print price (the purchasing interface would be too large to include the TPP as well as normal pricing on each image page). Refunds will be made promptly upon verification that you are part of the TPP (within 2 business days).
  • TPP Pricing:
    • Note the great deal on packages: an 8x10 and 2 4x6's for $8.50 under the TPP.
  • Print Size Regular Price
    TPP Price
    4 x 6 $4.99
    5 x 7 $7.99
    8 x 10 $10.99
    8 x 12 $11.99
    12 x 18 $20.99
    16 x 24 $29.99
    16 x 24 Custom Poster $39.99
    Package A $13.99
    Package B $16.99
    Digital(Personal) $14.99
    Digital (Public) $29.99



Half Price Prints!

2 Free Digital Images for Public Use!


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