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To add an RSS Feed to PK Photography to your RSS reader/aggregator, simply use the following link:

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What is RSS and why should I use it?

RSS feeds are a way for websites to deliver news about updates directly to you without you visiting their webpage. An RSS feed looks a lot like the home page of CNN or ESPN. It gives you headlines for updated/current events. You can click on the headline to take you to the full story.

At PK Photography, our RSS feed will keep you up to date where we will be and when we upload our race photos. That way, you can be informed when pictures you are interested in are uploaded.

To view an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader/aggregator. The best version, in our opinion, is the web-based versions available with personalized Google homepages, My Yahoo, or My AOL. From your home page, you can "Add content" or "Add a feed". Or, you can simply click on the buttons above, and they will automatically be added to your homepage! It doesn't get any easier.

Have fun, and keep in touch. Use the PK Photography RSS feed.

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