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High Resolution Samples

Because there is nothing like seeing a photo close-up for yourself to make you believe us, we have prepared three images for you to view and inspect for yourself. We have watermarked these images several times to prevent people from trying to download the photo for themselves.

Please be aware, these are large photos! Each one is about 1-1.5 megabytes in size!! If you have a slow internet connection, they will take a few minutes to download.

Click on the thumbnail to open the image in a new page. In Internet Explorer, the image will usually compress to fit into your browser, to see it at its full resolution, you have to click the small "arrow box" that appears in the bottom right corner of the image if you hover your mouse over it for a second.

If you want, you can save the file to your computer, and view it in your favorite photo viewing program. PK Photography retains full copyright of the images, and they may not be redistributed in any way. Thanks, and enjoy.

CalCrit HighRes

UCD TTT High Res

UCD TTT High Res