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Custom-Made Posters

Our custom-made posters are the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life! Lance shouldn't be the only one with those awesome posters! Get one for yourself or a friend/family member! These massive 20x30 inch posters are printed on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive matte photo paper, which means they will be extremely strong and resistant to fading. We of course recommend framing our posters, as this will add to the professional look of your cyclist.

When we receive orders for custom posters, we take extra time and care to ensure that the print will make everyone that sees it say "WOW!" Using the advanced sampling algorithms present in Adobe Photoshop, we take our photos (which already begin as extremely large 8 megapixel images) and resample them to be sure the poster won't look "grainy" even if you look at it from a few inches away!! We print at over 250 dpi even at this print size, meaning you will get a perfectly smooth enlargement of your cyclist.

When you order your poster, we will email you to ask you some questions so that we can truly customize the poster to your specifications. We will include the cyclist's name in bold font underneath the photo, and can then add the race name, race date, team name, and/or year in smaller font underneath their name. We can also add anything else that you would like to include. We will send you a proof of the poster so that you can see it and modify it before we send it off to print. That way, you have the final say in what it looks like.

We love to design posters, so order one today! Or email us with any questions you might have.