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About Image Quality

If there is one thing that we hold above all else, it is our high standards as photographers. When we go through the 1000+ images that we capture at a race weekend, we have a very stringent set of quality standards that limits what we present on our website to only the best images that we take. We do not simply post all 1000 images and let our customers decide which ones are good. If the image is on our site, it is in focus and requires minimal cropping to put the main cyclist in "full frame" (filling the majority of the photo). Therefore, you can be confident that the photos you are thinking about purchasing are of the highest quality. Take a look at our extensive collection of samples to see what we mean. If you are still concerned about how the preview of the photo looks on our site, feel free to email us to ask us about it. We can give you a higher quality preview or re-assure you of the focus, sharpness, brightness, color, etc.

However, we know that you might still want to see how good the images really are, so we have prepared lots of high resolution samples and a detailed analysis of how we go about picking our photos. Please read on below for more information.