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Photo Prints

All of our prints are printed on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper by a professional photographic print company. These prints will last you a lifetime! They are not printed with inkjet photo printers, and therefore will not fade. We have sampled many photo printing companies, and have found our current supplier to simply be the best, with extremely consistent and beautiful color and realism in their photos.

When you purchase a print of a particular picture, we individually edit the image to enhance its quality for printing. We sharpen the image to highlight the person of interest, adjust the lighting to brighten up otherwise dimly light photos (particularly on dark and overcast days), modify the contrast to add extra "pop" to the picture, and finally adjust the saturation of the photo to reproduce the most true-to-life colors possible. All of our work is performed on color calibrated monitors. This lets us edit the photo and know that what we see is what you will get in your print, because we have calibrated our monitors and adjusted them according to the color output of the print company we use. We edit and enhance all photos using Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard in professional photo editing.

Start to finish, we take great pride in providing you with beautiful photos, and stand behind our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Print Packages

If you would like to purchase more than one print copy of a particular photo, our packages are just what you are looking for. They combine a larger size print (5x7 or 8x10) with two smaller prints (4x6). That way, you can keep the large photo, and give the copies to friends/family; or give the larger print as a gift and keep the 4x6s for yourself. You save $4-8 depending on the package you buy, compared to individual prints.

  • Package A: Includes one (1) 5x7 and two (2) 4x6 prints
  • Package B: Includes one (1) 8x10 and two (2) 4x6 prints

If you would like to customize a package for yourself, feel free to contact us and inquire about bulk pricing. We are happy to give our customers special packages that suit their needs.

Digital Images

If you would like to purchase the digital "negative" of a photo (i.e. the full high-resolution original image), we have two options available. With either option, we edit your photo like we would for printing, so that the picture is ready for you to print if you so choose. That means, it will take us 1-2 business days to edit the image, enhancing for color, clarity, focus, light balance, etc...before we will send it to you via email. We don't feel it's fair to send out unedited photos to you, since you might not have access to software to make edits for things like contrast and color, and we want you to have the absolute highest quality photo to share with everyone!

Here are the two options:

  • Digital Image for Personal Use: When you purchase a photo for personal use, we grant you the right to print that image for yourself/family/friends. You may not sell the print to anyone else. You may send the photo to your friends/family via email, but you may not distribute the image to a large public email list (over 10 people). You may put the image on your personal website, but may not put the image on a team website or one that is viewed by the general public, and is widely distributed. PK Photography retains copyright of the image.
  • Digital Image for Public Use: When you purchase an image for public use, you may print the image for yourself/friends/family. You still may not sell the image to anyone else. However, you can put the image on public websites, and distribute the image to larger email groups/newsgroups. You may use the image for race promotion or for sponsorship purposes. PK Photography still retains copyright and ownership of the image, granting only limited use of the image to the purchaser.

Custom Designed Posters

For information about our Custom Posters, click here.


In addition to providing the highest quality possible, we at PK Photography strive to give our customers a great price on their photos. It takes a lot of time for us to go to races, then to sift through the thousands of photos that we take. Although others may be able to take a few good photos of a race, to take hundreds of great pictures at any given event takes dedication and practice. Therefore, we try to set our prices at a point where we can afford to continue doing this (let alone make a profit!) and to break even on our time, effort, and equipment costs.

For the most current pricing, visit the galleries and browse for photos. Product prices are available directly on each image page, and prints can easily be purchased by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button after the particular size photo you want. See the general information regarding purchases for more info.